The rich history of Heavenly Splendor began back in July of 1991. Our name was given to us by our parents, Pastors Antonio Amadeo and Aurelia R. Gutierrez. Together they pastored a church by the name of Iglesia Buenas Nuevas Pentecostes in Pharr, Texas for 27 years. My mother Aurelia, was an Evangelist ministering under the name of Heavenly Splendor Ministries. When my father past away in April of 1989, my wife, Mary Lou and I were installed as Co-Pastors of his church with his brother Jose Gustavo Gutierrez taking over his church as the Pastor. After two and a half years, we felt lead to launch out on our own under Heavenly Splendor Ministries. We started ministering under the mentoring of my mother, Aurelia. On July 5th, 1991 was our last day at Buenas Nuevas after carefully dismissing ourselves through the proper channels from all our ministerial duties, with the leadership’s blessing. Two weeks later we started holding services at my mother’s house in San Juan, TX.

The church was then named Heavenly Splendor Worship Temple. We remained at her house for about six weeks then we moved downtown to a storefront building on Cage St. in Pharr, TX. After six years, on April of 1997, God called my mother home to be with The Lord. Keeping in mind all of her counsel and teaching, we continued carrying the torch she and my dad left us as great ministers of God. With much confidence in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we kept going forward with the vision they left us of, converting “Entire Families to Christ”. Soon after my mother’s death, we had the need to move to another location which provided double the space, double less the rent in a storefront building in Alamo allowing us the space to grow. Many more families came and were touched by The Lord. We remained there for four years, until the building got sold, forcing us to look elsewhere to congregate. After looking for possible schools’ cafeterias and other churches’ gyms or facilities to rent, we found a convention center called, Monica’s Convention Center in San Juan, TX. There our faith was tried in many difficult ways. It was at Monica’s that the Lord brought in the men that would co-sign a loan to start building our own church building in a five acre piece of land we had purchased years back.

We broke ground on September 11th of 2004. Construction lasted three years due to many difficulties that came with the challenge of building. The enemy brought much turmoil into our lives with the attempt to stop us from building. But praise be to God, in June of 2007, we started holding services with a handful of people, proving to the devil that with God all things are possible! What God has spoken, He will perform it until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. We, the Gutierrez family continue to see the hand of God at work through our lives and others in this ministry. Heavenly Splendor Family Church now named, is a church where many families of all walks of life and different social statuses gather to worship and serve God. We are elated to be part of such a wonderful purpose and plan of God. We are endeavoring in reaching out to win many souls through the many ministry projects at hand. We are here to make an eternal difference in people’s lives. Many have come and gone, but we continue going forward until the Lord takes us home or He comes back for us. We are a ministry of integrity that takes pride in what God alone can do. To Him be given all the Glory and Honor for Ever and Ever, Amen.

Thank you for taking an interest in checking this ministry out. God bless you.

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